Studio Lesson Information

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For available lesson times and fees, please contact me HERE.

Option 1: In-Person Lessons

In-person lessons are now available for students who are fully vaccinated, i.e. 2 weeks past last dose, as per CDC Guidelines.

I'm fully vaccinated, so no masks will be required for in-person lessons! However, for safety purposes, there are a few conditions we need to observe as we ease back into in-person lessons:


         In-person students must be fully vaccinated, i.e. 2 weeks past last dose, as per CDC Guidelines.

         For the time being, only students will be admitted inside the studio for lessons.

         Students may text me when arriving for the lesson; I will meet them at the door.

         Students are asked to please use hand sanitizer before entering the studio.


 For those not yet vaccinated or who wish to remain online, virtual lessons are always available! See below for more information.

Curious about in-person lessons? Please send inquiries through the Contact Form.

Option 2: Virtual Lessons

For those not yet vaccinated or who prefer online lessons, virtual lessons are always available! 

Online lesson platforms: Zoom, Skype, and Google Duo. For more information about online flute lessons, please read:

MusicSmiths Flute Studio Online Flute Lesson Guide.

Curious about online lessons? Please send inquiries through the Contact Form.

 Summer Flute Lesson Enrollment is OPEN! 
Find summer lesson information and request a lesson time HERE!

Scheduling Flute Lessons

I offer 30-minute and 45-minute weekly flute lessons (see below for recommendations). Whatever the student's skill level, a weekly private lesson provides individual attention that helps the student to advance more quickly. Studying weekly with a flute specialist gives the student more in-depth instruction on skills unique to the flute, i.e. vibrato, articulation, and alternate fingerings. I'm happy to schedule a trial lesson with your student! Please contact me for availability, pricing, and to schedule a trial lesson.

30-minute Flute Lessons

Weekly 30-minute lessons are best for beginners -- students who have played

1-2 years.  Weekly lessons provide continuity, help students retain what they are learning in band, reinforce new concepts, and prevent bad habits from taking hold. 

45-minute Flute Lessons

Weekly 45-minute lessons are highly recommended for more advanced students

-- 8th-grade and up -- who are preparing auditions or need more of a challenge. Students get more in-depth instruction on advanced concepts, i.e. vibrato, articulation styles, and musicality. Plus, the longer lesson allows more personal coaching time for upcoming district, state, or college auditions and solo/ensemble festivals.