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 Flute Lesson Enrollment is OPEN! 
Find lesson information and request a lesson time HERE!

Scheduling Flute Lessons

I offer 30-minute and 45-minute weekly flute lessons (see below for recommendations). Whatever the student's skill level, a weekly private lesson provides individual attention that helps the student to advance more quickly. Studying weekly with a flute specialist gives the student more in-depth instruction on skills unique to the flute, i.e. vibrato, articulation, and alternate fingerings. I'm happy to schedule a trial lesson with your student! Please contact me for availability, pricing, and to schedule a trial lesson.

30-minute Flute Lessons

Weekly 30-minute lessons are best for beginners -- students who have played

1-2 years.  Weekly lessons provide continuity, help students retain what they are learning in band, reinforce new concepts, and prevent bad habits from taking hold. 

45-minute Flute Lessons

Weekly 45-minute lessons are highly recommended for more advanced students

-- 8th-grade and up -- who are preparing auditions or need more of a challenge. Students get more in-depth instruction on advanced concepts, i.e. vibrato, articulation styles, and musicality. Plus, the longer lesson allows more personal coaching time for upcoming district, state, or college auditions and solo/ensemble festivals.

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