Why Take Private

Flute Lessons?

  • Improving your skills and fixing problem areas. I encountered the same problems many of my students do: inconsistent sound, airy tone quality, not tonguing, technique challenges . . . you name the issue, I've dealt with it!​

  • Preparing for auditions. Are you interested in auditioning for District/State Honor Band? Sousa Honor Band? Youth Symphony? Preparing a solo to perform at your middle school or Regional/State Solo & Ensemble Festival? You're in luck! I've adjudicated these events countless times for nearly 30 years. I've been on the other side of the screen -- I know what judges are looking for, and I structure my coaching to help you prepare your audition from the judge's point of view.

  • Boost your band cred. Are you angling to move up to 1st chair? The top band? Polish your piccolo chops? I know first-hand that private lessons can accelerate the process. When I started lessons in the 8th grade, I was sitting next to last chair; a year later I had moved up to 2nd chair. I also encourage my students to learn piccolo and develop confidence playing it. I'm happy to incorporate piccolo studies into the lesson. Versatility is a real asset for any musician. In addition to C flute, I'm accomplished on piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, and fife -- all of which have brought me professional playing experiences I otherwise would not have had. 

  • College scholarship auditions. Did you know there are music scholarships available for non-music majors? Depending on the school, there is money available for playing your flute in college ensembles -- yes, you can get paid to play! But first you have to audition. No sweat -- I can help you contact college music departments, prepare required audition materials, and even assist you in arranging a private lesson with the college flute teacher. Many of my students have gone on to pursue careers in music and the arts. Many others secured scholarship money to help pay their tuition, whether they minored in music or chose a completely different area of study.

  • Gain more enjoyment from participating in music. Not a soloist? No worries -- I'm not, either! Although I occasionally perform as a soloist, what I love most is collaborating with other musicians. I play in a wide variety of ensembles -- a community orchestra, a ragtime orchestra, flute & string duo/trio/quartet, and a fife & drum group. I've played in pit orchestras for musicals, ballet, and opera -- everything from Nutcracker to Beauty and the Beast -- plus, I have 20 years experience conducting flute choirs. Feel free to bring your band, orchestra, pit orchestra, or flute choir music to your lesson; I'm happy to help guide you through it! By definition, private study raises a musician's skill level. The better musician you are, the more fun it is to be one!

  • A flute in good working condition

  • Lesson materials 

  • Prepared to play assignments

  • Any audition, chair test, or band music s/he needs help with

  • Questions -- and answers!

  • Enthusiasm and a sense of humor

  • Did I mention we play lots of duets? Be ready to sightread anything from Boismortier to Joplin to Disney!

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How Can Private Lessons Benefit YOU?

What I Bring to the Lesson

  • I bring a wealth of experience and insight to my lessons. I was fortunate to have studied with several positive, nurturing flute instructors whose excellent teaching and guidance helped me to achieve my goals and realize my dream of becoming a professional musician and teacher. I provide the same kind of learning environment for my students.

  • Methods and materials tailored to each individual student's needs, always focusing on reinforcing tone, technique, and musicality.

  • My goal is for the student to learn one new thing each lesson -- or improve upon a skill s/he has been struggling with. 

  • A willingness to listen.

  • Positive reinforcement, encouragement, and honesty.

  • Lots of duet books! 

  • My cat Misty. Okay, I don't bring her -- she sometimes wanders into the studio on her own.

What I Expect the Student to Bring to the Lesson

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