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Let's start with what I bring to the lesson and what I expect my students to bring to the lesson.

Here's a handy list:

What I Bring to the Lesson

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  • I bring a wealth of experience and insight to my lessons. I was fortunate to have studied with several positive, nurturing flute instructors whose excellent teaching and guidance helped me to achieve my goals and realize my dream of becoming a professional musician and teacher. I provide the same kind of learning environment for my students.

  • Methods and materials tailored to each individual student's needs, always focusing on reinforcing tone, technique, and musicality.

  • My goal is for the student to learn one new thing each lesson -- or improve upon a skill s/he has been struggling with. 

  • A willingness to listen.

  • Positive reinforcement, encouragement, and honesty.

  • Lots of duet books! 

  • My cat Misty. Okay, I don't bring her -- she sometimes wanders into the studio on her own.

MusicSmiths Flute Studio -- wide view Ma
Studio Cat --Misty.jpg

What I Expect the Student to Bring to the Lesson

  • A flute in good working condition

  • Lesson materials 

  • Prepared to play assignments

  • Any audition, chair test, or band music s/he needs help with

  • Questions -- and answers!

  • Enthusiasm and a sense of humor

  • Did I mention we play lots of duets? Be ready to sightread anything from Boismortier to Joplin to Disney!

Driveway Duets 4-24-2021 -- Ella Novion
Driveway Duets 4-25-2021 -- Ashdon Kice

A typical lesson can be divided into four parts:

1) Warmups/Tone Studies 

2) Scales & Etudes 

3) The student's current repertoire: solo, audition materials, or special music for band or another activity

4) End with a duet.

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Are you wondering what a private flute lesson looks like?
Wonder no more! Let me "walk you through a typical lesson.

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